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All sessions are supervised by qualified UK Athletics coaches.  The committee has decided that all athletes making use of club coaching expertise must be paid up club members after an initial trial period. 

Monday David Keswick Centre 6.00 to 7.45 pm

For primary school age children. Training in all disciplines with an emphasis on learning through fun.

For age 8 upwards.  Parents will be advised if any child under 9 is unable to cope with sessions.

Coaches: Jim Callander, Carol Macmillan, Joyce Rammell ,Willie Mackintosh, Ian Gray, Scott McKinney and Kristin Zillwood. Parent helpers are encouraged.

Training fees are payable to the club to offset the cost of hall hire etc- £2. 
Summer session fee is the same and the club pays for the use of the track.

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Tuesday  David Keswick Centre 6.00 to 7.30 pm

Hurdles group/younger athletes  coached by Carol Macmillan and Fiona Gonlag
Sprints group is coached by Jim Callander

Sprints/Throws: Joyce Rammell
Sprints/Jumps: Jim Callander 
Middle distance:  David Hood 

Summer training no fees except entry to the track at £1.40 per session

In the winter, training is both  indoors and outdoors with a training fee of £1 payable inside to help pay for hall rental. Indoor work is body/core conditioning.

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Thursday  David Keswick Centre  6.00 to 7.30 pm

The sprints, middle distance and throws groups  train on the track and on the infield.  This session is mainly for more mature athletes.

Sprints/hurdles/jumps: JIm Callander
Middle distance:  David Hood
Throws: Joyce Rammell

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